Landscaping Materials Delivery $135.00 per 5 cubic yards


Noels provides professional interlock base preparation, property grading and custom garden/sodding installation. We also offer fantastic stone and riverwash installation. Take advantage of experienced services at the lowest prices guaranteed.

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Turn your yard into an outdoor oasis!

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Base Prep & Grading

Fast professional property grading and interlock base prep. 

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Riverwash Installation

Add beautiful stone and Riverwash accents to your landscape.

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Noel’s specializes in constructing lush gardens and transforming lawns by using high quality plants, sod and materials but more importantly by creatively and strategically placing each element to create something that you’ll truly love to showcase at the front or back of your property.

Wide Variety of In-House Materials.

Noel's offers a wide range of cost-effective material options that come directly from our shop! Materials include many different types of Mulch, Riverwash Stone, Decorative Boulders, Soil and more. 

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Take advantage of our property grading and or interlock base preparation services to create perfectly levelled landscapes. Pair this service with sodding and or gardening for maximum effect or use it to place beautiful interlock and or structures such as gazebos and hot tubs.

Experienced Grading.

Prep your property the right way to ensure a nice even brick lay or backyard design. Property grading is perfect for individuals who are looking to lay their own bricks or to complete their own backyard project, it is also a great idea to prep your yard before a designer comes by to build out your backyard blueprint.  

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Add beautiful stone and Riverwash accents to your landscape to transform the look and atmosphere of your property. Line walkways and gardens to add character and to bring the best out of your current interlocking.

In-House Stone.

Our stones come directly from our shop ensuring you get the best price possible for gorgeous decorative boulders and Riverwash. We also have a large fleet of powerful machines so we can come by and install the boulders for you!

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Delivering Top Rated Snow Removal, Material Delivery, Demolition and Excavation Services for 20 Years.

Trust in Noel's to get the job done right. 

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