Excavation, Demolition & Pool Removal

Take advantage of Noel’s powerful excavation and demolition machines. Professional operators are at your service to make sure the job’s done right. We offer expert pool demolition, fill-in and repairs. Additionally see other services below. Trust in over 25 years of experience!

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Pool Fill-In

Conveniently remove your pool by filling it in with dirt and make the most of your newly created space.

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Structure Removal

Demolish and remove a variety of structures from your property. Message us today for assistance.

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Hauling & Removal

Remove material waste post-demolition using powerful machinery.

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Noel’s offers professional excavation and demolition services with years of experience. A few of our services include excavation, property grading, excavator rental with or without operator, foundation repair and concrete forming including steps and shed pads. Demolition services include pool demos/fill-ins, rough and fine grading, concrete and asphalt removal, tree/hedge and shrub removal, garage, porch and retaining wall demolitions and much more!

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Enjoy safe and professional demolition services from our highly experienced operators. We also offer equipment rentals including mini excavators, bobcats, 1-ton and 5-ton dump trucks. Contact us today to explore other services.

Removal Services.

Noel's can remove all excess materials post-demolition so you don't have to worry about it after the job is done. With all debris and waste removed you can focus on transforming your newly excavated land into a space that suits your vision. 

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Do you get a flood after every winter during the spring thaw? Do you have damaged foundation or drainage issues? With our small & medium sized excavators, we can help resolve water drainage or flooding issues at your home. Noels is able to regrade areas with pooling water, repair foundation or install weeping tiles/French drain to help keep the water away from your property. Our trenching services help keep Eaves trough water away from your home.

Our Process.

We dig 1-2 feet and use the existing eaves trough outlet to lead the water away or we can dig a trench and grade the water away from your desired location. Our water proofing services includes digging deep along the damaged exterior area of the foundation, parget and applying a waterproof membrane or plastic skin on the foundation ensuring water stays out.

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Prompt pool fill-ins and demolition using top tier equipment to ensure the job is done efficiently and properly. We also offer hauling services to remove excess materials when the job is done. For more details contact us today.

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Delivering Top Rated Snow Removal, Material Delivery, Demolition and Excavation Services for 20 Years.

Trust in Noel's to get the job done right. 

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