Noels provides and installs the best automated irrigation systems in Ottawa. Enjoy a custom calibrated watering system that keeps your lawn lush all spring and summer. 

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Irrigation Installation

We install your custom irrigation system to suit your lawns unique needs!

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Irrigation Systems

We supply and provide Ottawa's top of the line irrigation systems so you get the best. 

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Irrigation Maintenance

We offer system maintenance to give you piece of mind every season.

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Residential Irrigation

Our smart, automated inground sprinkler systems are tailored to each properties needs, maximizing water efficiency. We combine efficiency with effectiveness. Any system we design is guaranteed to have head to head coverage, ensuring an abundant landscape. Our advanced irrigation technology and products make every drop count.

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Smart Systems utilize the best technology available in the industry today, ensuring that systems are running at 100% efficient all the time. These systems on average show a 30-40% reduction in water usage. We can Retro fit existing commercial systems or install new ones, producing big savings on water costs!

System Benefits.

- Drip, point source, or micro irrigation for gardens.

- Master-Valve is installed to prevent any pressurized lines or valves leaking when system is off.

- Flow Meter is installed. This measures and monitors the flow of water letting you or the Bernwood team know of any unexpected issues. It allows us to shut down the problem area or the entire system to prevent water from being wasted.

- Systems can be monitored 24/7 by our team..

Prep your property the right way to ensure a nice even brick lay or backyard design. Property grading is perfect for individuals who are looking to lay their own bricks or to complete their own backyard project, it is also a great idea to prep your yard before a designer comes by to build out your backyard blueprint.  

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Standard irrigation systems utilize a programmable controller and rain sensor.

System Benefits:

- Controller runs off set programs

- Rain-sensor shuts off system during rain events

- Rotor Sprays for large turf areas

- Pop-up Sprays for small turf and garden areas 

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Irrigation systems need to be maintained and serviced every year to ensure they keep working the way they were designed to! We offer many different service packages to suit your needs.

BASIC PACKAGE: Winterization

SEASONAL: Spring Start-Up + Winterization

FULL SEASON: Spring Start Up + Mid Season Tune Up + Winterization

COMPLETE PACKAGE: Spring Start Up + Mid Season Tune Up + Winterization + 24/7 Monitoring

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Trust in Noel's to get the job done right. 

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